Josh Brady – Joey Mills | Beach Bodies

Young and hung gay twink Josh Brady, and jailbait star, Joey Mills star in this hardcore gay teen movie filmed and released by Helix Studios.

The Helix Studios Model

Josh Brady is a gorgeous twenty-year-old with a smooth swimmer’s body with a great six pack. Josh is five feet eleven inches tall, has brown hair, sexy hazel eyes, and he is versatile with a juicy thick eight-inch cock.
Joey Mills has a slender body with smooth skin all over. He is just eighteen years old but acts like he has been fucking for years. He is five feet nine inches tall with brown hair, innocent looking blue eyes, and he is versatile with a seven-inch cock.

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Joey Mills is under the boardwalk, he is half naked, and when he sees the gorgeous Josh Brady standing looking back at him, he feels a throb of his cock, and his balls tighten up. He starts speaking to him, and after a while, they find they really like each other, and they go back to an apartment.

Back at the apartment, these two gorgeous twinks start wrestling about on the bed. The wrestling makes their dicks get hard, and after a while, they start kissing hard. They massage each other’s dicks in the warm hands, and then Joey gets on his knees, and takes Josh’s huge fat cock into his greedy young mouth and starts sucking on it. Josh can’t believe how good Joey’s mouth is on his cock, and especially when he devours the whole eight inches right down to his pubes.

Josh likes the feel of Joey’s gay teen cock in his mouth too, and after giving him a great blowjob, he gets Joey back onto his hands and knees. He prises open those peachy buns and licks his smooth tight rim up and down. He darts his tongue in and out of that deliciously tasty hole and then rams his raw cock right up there in one smooth thrust. Joey starts moaning in excitement, and after a while, he gets Josh to lie on his back, and he rides that cock like he is in a race. He bounces on those cum filled balls, and almost brings Josh to a climax.

With Josh still on his back, Joey raises his legs, and shoves his dick into Josh’s tight asshole, and fucks him bareback. Josh can’t believe how good that dick feels in his ass and loves every inch of it. Joey, who is now in dick heaven, sits back down on Josh’s dick, and he shoots his cum all over Josh Brady’s pierced nipples. Josh quickly gets up, and his cum shoots out just in time to splash it all over Joey Mill’s innocent looking young face.

Josh Brady and Joey Mills are a perfect couple, and unlike some young gay porn actors in other gay teen vids from Helix Studios, these two look as if they are really enjoying themselves, and not just acting. It’s the real thing, and their eyes are full of lust, and their young balls are full of cum, but not for long.